Sampling of Songs from My Concert with Ara Dinkjian

Asum En Teh Moratsel Es / Yerevani Sharmagh Aghchig / Bingeol – This medley features “Asum En Teh Moratsel Es” (They say that you have forgotten) which is composed by Khachatur Avedissian, “Yerevani Sharmagh Aghghig” (Lovely Yerevan Girl) written by Armen Mantagooni, and Bingeol (region near Erzurum, Moush and Palou) which although has lyrics written by Avedik Issahakian, the music is considered traditional and not attributed to any one composer.

Laz Bar – This is a traditional Armenian dance I remember watching as a child.  Good energy with this piece.

Sari Sirun Yar / Al Ayloughus Gorav – One of Kusan Ashod’s most well known pieces “Sari Sirun Yar” (Mountain Sweetheart) combined with one of Gomidas Vartabed’s works “Al Ayloughus Gorav” (My Red Kerchief is Lost).

Anoush Karoun / Adanayi Voghpuh – “Anoush Karoun” is a well know piece by Taniel Ghazarian which explores the coming of spring and themes of the season.  “Adanayi Voghpuh” is a deep lamentation dedicated to the massacres of 1909 in Adana by the Ottoman authorities.  Ironically, the composer Smpad Pyurad Der Ghazarents was killed in April 24, 1915 along with numerous other Armenian intellectuals and leaders.

Acaba Sen Misin – This piece, written by Bimen Sen Der Ghazarian, translates as “I Wonder if You are Happy”.  Bimen Sen was one of the most important Armenian composers of the Ottoman period. As a young man, he sang in the Armenian Church of Bursa and ended up composing over 500 pieces in the Ottoman classical style.  Ara does an awesome intro taksim to this piece.

Antranig and Ara Before the Concert

With Ara at the Concert Right Before We Went on Stage

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